May be you are gone!

And, I am all alone….

May be you are gone!

You never let me know your misfortune

Perhaps I was not worth sharing…

Is this the reason that you are gone!

I at all times missed pure concern

Coz I have been luckless ever….

Once again it’s proved coz you too are gone!

You and I met without intention

We got so closer and you become mine…

It really hurts to believe that you are gone!

We dont meet, dnt talk dnt listen

Still you’re going on with me everywhere

I will keep on living without admitting that you are gone!

Physically I am all alone…

But spiritually you are not gone!


I Am Proud Of My Self Coz I Hate You Dad

Dad, I love myself….

Why, coz I have the courage to hate you!

I am trying to do it on my own….

Why, coz I hate you!

I am independent….

Why, coz I always wanted to hate you!

I am devoted to my mama….

Why, coz I hate you!

I am willing to sacrifice everything for my sibs…

Why, coz I wanna make them to hate you!

I am trying to erase your name from my life…

Why, coz I hate you!

I am looking for love in eyes of grandpa…

Why, coz I wanna make it sure I hate you!

I am gonna die someday…

My last words would be ‘Dad, I Just Hate You’

India has got the always soughtafter PM

Congrats to the ones who have elected actually, their, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh for the second time! It’s not the victory of Congress, but the clean image and perspective of Dr. Singh, which led the party and got it to the Lok Sabha as a ruling one. It’s being said that Congress won not because of the Congress but because of Dr. Manmohan Singh. Now, Indians can walk holding their heads high, as their Prime Minister is a plain speaking, honorable and intelligent native.


In this era of crony capitalism, the neutrality maintained by Dr. Singh sets an exemplar for the politicians.  Not only by the Indians, selection of Dr. Manmohan Singh as India’s Prime Minister, when other sound options like Sonia Gnadhi and Rahul Gandhi were also in row, is welcomed by people throughout the world. Barack Obama, U.S. President, called up Mr. Singh to congratulate him for his second term win and also invited him to the White House, as international issues such as terrorism and economic downturn, need the attention of the two PMs. As per the details released by US Embassy, the two leaders, who’re leading two main powers of world, talked about strengthening Indo-US relations, working jointly to meet the challenges put forth by the global economic slowdown, spread of terrorism etc.  Proving Indian culture, Dr. Singh also invited Obama family to visit India, which was heartily accepted by US President.

Greets also found their way from Pakistan as the Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani also congratulated Dr. Singh for the same. The message was, “t gives me great pleasure to convey on behalf of the people of Pakistan and on my own behalf our heartfelt felicitations on Congress Party’s impressive election victory and your re‑assumption of office as Prime Minster of the Republic of India”

May 22, 2009 was the historic day when Dr. Manmohan Singh was sworn-in the next Prime Minister of India. As of now, the new king of India is busy in preparing, selecting, the team of the leaders who would lead the largest democratic country of the world. Lok Sabha elections 2009 gave India its 17th Prime Minister, the first Sikh till now. Dr. Manmohan Singh had been an economist and was also governor of the Reserve Bank of India and finance minister of India before becoming the prime minister.

Does a relationship as pure as fatherhood mean the below?

We take birth. Ever since that day, Mother and Father are the two relations, which we all have been relying on. We never think next to what mama and dad ask us to do, especially during the childhood, and their words act as the guides for us. As we grow up, we start taking our own decisions, words of mama become secondary and our mind starts working as the primary manipulator. Throughout my life, I am 21; I’ve experienced so many things which most of my age-mates might not have. This blog, Rajdeep Brar’s Observations, is a way to explore my thoughts about the relationships around us, giving a specific concern to innumerous other topics suggested by my friends such as Female Feticide etc. I hope, I’d be able to give it the shape; I’ve on my mind!


Okay, If I ask you, who’s the first male person in your life which you always have trusted upon and whose words you can never deny, you, most probably, would reply ‘my father’. But, there are some beings in this very selfish world that have suffered the trauma of being the son/daughter of a regardless father. I got the following poem written somewhere over the Internet, describing the fury of a daughter who, unluckily, has a ****** dad! Apology to the author of the post, but can’t stop myself from sharing it with the readers of my blog.

Here’s it for you

Daddy now I’m 18.
Someday I needed you so much,
Right now I only can hate you.
You wasn’t there in the right time.
And I don’t mean physical.
You where there every time to make me feel bad.
You never allowed me to go anywhere.
I had to cry everytime I had a party, and feel so bad before going.
You never want me to enjoy as a teenager.
And I feel as a prisoner on my house.
I’m not a bad girl.
In fact I’m a very good girl.
I got excellent grades.
I’m the best in sports.
I’m a good daughter
And you have never congratulated to me for anything.
You are there just to see when I make a mistake.
And when I make something good, it’s like nothing happened.
That’s why I hate you, and I thanks good now I’m strong,
And I don’t need you anymore.
I HATE YOU DAD!! You don’t deserve to be a father.

Please don’t forget to jot down your valuable words regarding the above written post. The author is desperatelt waiting to know your thoughts.